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Iridology for Health Analysis

Iridology is a scan, photo, or drawing of your irises and analysis with a chart to determine possible health problems. It can be used to help track progression for existing illnesses. Possibly offer insight on internal ailments. It is also a useful tool in deciding what metaphysical changes you can make in your life to begin improving your health.

Fact or Fiction, My Findings...

#1 The level of expertise of the iridologist is extremely important.

How we accomplish this precision:

  • By using the highest quality software currently available to scan and analyze the digital photos of the irises.
  • By using specific cameras made for digitally capturing the iris in great detail.

#2 Results show that iris images can reveal Diabetic Mellitus.

This resulted in further research into its efficacy:

  • "The main advantage of scanning the irises is to predict the disease at the early onset of disease. Iridology is defined as the technique used to diagnose every organs' function for predicting the disease earlier. The current research status of iridology-based disease prediction is used to forecast heart disease, lung disease, stomach hyperacidity through eye color, and iris markings."

#3 Recent study shows accuracy in detecting kidney problems.

Does this mean it will work for you:

  • This can have significance in showing accuracy for others and every person is different. This particular study showed 82% correct classification for patients with kidney issues and 96% correct classification for people with normal kidney function.
  • This study used both computer iridology analyzation and human iridologist analyzation. The findings indicated the results from both were similar.
  • The results of this recent study are very impactful because they refute a popularly cited study done in 1979 stating the accuracy of iridology in detecting kidney disease to be no more than a chance.

We believe this diagnostic tool to be ethical and useful for health purposes. We do not believe that every tool is right for every person, nor is this a one size fits all test.

How to decide if it is right for your situation:

  • Ask yourself why you would like to have an iridology scan done and how you would like it to help you. It is important even if you just want to be sure you are well and have no health concerns. Do any risks or concerns about this testing outweigh the benefits for you.
  • Be purposeful with your own health and always do your own research. We are here to help and answer any questions.

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