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COVID-19 Natural Options...

I feel it is important to discuss the abundance of natural resources we have at our disposal in this time of need. Working smarter not harder! Staying healthier by staying ahead of the diseases!

Bleach or Isopropyl Alcohol are not our only options...

#1 We can boil water and most of our dishwashers have a sanitize option now built-in or at least high heat drying.

How this can help us keep down the spread of COVID-19:

  • We can be sure to be sanitizing our cutlery, dishes, toothbrushes. We come into contact with these items daily and do not want a build-up of any bacteria or viruses.

#2 We have high heat dryers available.

How this can help us keep down the spread of COVID-19:

  • Putting the pillows and cases through high heat wash and dry cycles, or just put the pillows through a high heat dry cycle. This will help sanitize the bedding closest to the spread of respiratory infections or diseases.
  • Be sure to put your towels through high heat dry as well to keep them sanitary. Putting them in the sun for a day to dry out in high heat is also an option, weather permitting.

#3 We have 4 Thieves Essential Oil

How this can help us keep down the spread of COVID-19:

  • This should be added to your life if not already. It can be diffused in the home in various rooms to keep the air sanitary and help keep down infection or disease.
  • You can use it as a topical spray to disinfect surfaces — including your skin — and/or you can take it as a tincture when diluted. All of the ingredients in Four Thieves are either POTENT ANTIBACTERIALS or ANTIVIRALS!

#4 We have washable cotton rags that can be sanitized.

How this can help us keep down the spread of COVID-19:

  • Rags can even be made from cotton t-shirts and towels. They can be soaked in sanitizing 4 Thieves EO, washed in high heat water with 4 Thieves EO, and dried using high heat to sanitize. You can also use that process to clean and sanitize your bedding and clothes(when safe).
  • Reusable Rags can be used for anything and can remain categorized, marked, or separated. Kitchen Rags, personal towels and rags, bathroom rags, and reusable baby wipe rags
  • Overly soiled rags can be soaked in a potent disinfectant with 4 Thieves EO before washing for added cleaning and sanitizing.


These natural options have been used for thousands of years, withstanding time through the rise and fall of civilizations. These disease-fighting habits can be implemented into your life with ease and practice. This is not just about living longer, but living stronger!

"I put a drop of it in my morning coffee..."


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